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Pay Per Click Marketing could be the single most important part of your online marketing efforts. Rooks Advertising can get you on the first page of Search Engines.

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Pay Per Click

Let face it!  Search Engine Marketing is a must for any business that wants to capitalize on internet traffic and Pay Per Click ads can be the most effective way to bring that traffic to your website.  Pay Per Click marketing, such as Google Adwords or Bing / Yahoo Ads, allows advertisers to pay for ad performance as you have the option to only pay when someone clicks on your ad.  It also allows advertisers to set specific budgets and the campaign can be adjusted on the fly.  Google Adwords’ and Bing Ads’ robust client interface provides advertisers with an incredible ability to target and control their online advertising spend.  Google Adwords is by far the most popular method of Pay Per Click marketing as Google currently controls over 67% of all search engine traffic.  Campaigns can be customized by search terms (called keywords), geography, product category and so on.    Because positioning and cost per click can be greatly impacted based on quality score as determined by Google hiring an Adwords Certified agency can save money and heartache.  Call us today and find out what the word is on Adwords.


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