Get Your Website Up to Speed! With Mobile Responsiveness, Performance Hosting, and Google Optimization. Rooks Advertising will help your website generate traffic and grow your business.

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At Rooks Advertising we can design the simplest of websites to the most complex and feature rich site. From website design and mobile responsive configurations to complete hosting and secured shopping configurations, we can provide the turnkey luxury of having one firm manage all your web development and implementation needs.

Web Design

How can a new website increase traffic and create more potential revenue for your business?

Website Hosting

Website performance begins with hosting. Google Search gives preference to higher performing websites.

Mobile Friendly

Is your website mobile friendly? Google search now gives preference to mobile friendly websites.

Web Design

Rooks Advertising provides outstanding website knowledge, skill, and creativity. At Rooks Advertising, our goal is to create website that are easy to use and convert web traffic into qualified leads and, of course, sales . We take into account — cross-platform compatibility, download speeds, available technology, usability concerns and website layouts, and put them together seamlessly with aesthetically pleasing and user friendly website design. Let your web presence speak volumes about your company. We can show you how to make an inspiring impression and turn leads into sales!

Website Hosting

Once that beautiful website is built, it has to “live” somewhere and that requires website hosting. When someone types in your domain name, it must point to a server where the files are hosted and organized so your site can be displayed. All those images, CSS and HTML code reside on a hosting computer. And where you host, does matter. Whether on a shared or dedicated hosting server; speed and reliability are key factors. With a 99.99% uptime score you can be sure that when the customer is ready for your product or service…your product or service will be ready for them!

Mobile Friendly Web Design

You see it everywhere, people using their cell phones to access the Internet. Just try and stand in line at any restaurant and count the number of people on their phones. Heck, there is a good chance you are reading this on a mobile device. Mobile website users are estimated at over 60% of all website traffic and it is only expected to grow. If your site is not Mobile Responsive then you could be missing more than half of all people looking for your product or service. Mobile Web Design is a must if you are going to be on the web.


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